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On October 2019, Toshiba Memory will make a fresh new start under a new name.

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Unleashing the Potential of “Memory” to Create New Value

After we successfully completed Toshiba Memory Corporation’s separation from Toshiba Corporation in April 2017, we dedicated our efforts to developing and selling memory and solid-state drives (SSD). In June 2018, we launched as a fully independent company.

As the next step in our corporate journey, we will rebrand under a new corporate name effective on October 1, 2019.

New corporate name : Kioxia Holdings Corporation

The name Kioxia (pronunciation : kee-ox-ee-uh) is a combination of the Japanese word kioku meaning “memory” and the Greek word axia meaning “value” – which forms the foundation of the company’s vision.

As a global leader in flash memory and SSD, Kioxia will cultivate a new era of memory and grow sustainably as a leading flash memory producer over the long term.


Messages from Management

President and CEO

I am truly delighted that we will take our first step in further enhancing our leadership of the memory industry under a new company name, Kioxia Holdings Corporation, in October 2019.

Kioxia expresses the company’s mission to “uplift the world with ‘memory,’” which forms the foundation of our vision.

The word “memory” means much more than simply recorded data. To us, it represents the comprehensive collection of emotions, experiences and ideas beyond digital information gathering. In close collaboration with stakeholders, Kioxia will unleash the full potential of “memory” to deliver value to people worldwide.

As digital society and technological innovation continues to advance, the amount of data generated, stored and utilized will increase exponentially, leading to a new era of memory. In this new era, we are both driven and well positioned to succeed over the long term by continuously enhancing technology and production capabilities, and strengthening partnerships with our customers and other members of digital society.

Yasuo Naruke

President and CEO

Toshiba Memory Holdings Corporation


Executive Chairman

I am excited to share with you an exciting change for us. We have a wonderful heritage as Toshiba Memory, as the inventor of NAND memory and a world leader in the memory field. We are innovative and we strive every day to delight our customers. We are incredibly proud of our heritage and this history.

The future will bring many new challenges. Global society is becoming ever more complex, connected and borderless in the face of dramatic technological innovation. There is a tremendous amount of data being generated, analyzed and stored. Sitting at the very heart of this trend, we will build on our history as we start our journey as a newly independent company. That journey will lead us to becoming a public company in the future.

To celebrate this new beginning, I am delighted that our company will soon take a new name to mark our fresh start as a company, and the dawn of a new era of memory. As of October 2019, we will be known as Kioxia, a unique name that combines the Japanese word kioku (memory) and the Greek word axia (value).

The name Kioxia denotes the value of memories and the importance of storage in people’s lives. From a company standpoint, Kioxia marks our status as an independent and global company, backed by our proven record of success and our well-earned reputation for innovation.

I look forward to collaborating with you all, as well as our customers and suppliers under our new name— Kioxia—as we embark upon our journey into the new era of memory.

Stacy J. Smith

Executive Chairman

Toshiba Memory Holdings Corporation

Outline of Toshiba Memory Holdings Corporation

Toshiba Memory Holdings aims to contribute to the value of Toshiba Memory Corporation and its respective subsidiary companies, including by strengthening governance through enhanced management and oversight of group companies and by assuming responsibility for group strategy including M&A, resource allocation, risk management and fund raising.

Exterior Photo
Toshiba Memory Holdings Corporation
Address 1-21 Shibaura 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
President and CEO Naruke Yasuo
Capital 10 billion yen
Shareholders BCPE Pangea Cayman, L.P. (49.9%)
Toshiba Corporation (40.2%)
Hoya Corporation (9.9%)
Note: Based on ownership of voting rights
Business Group strategy formulation and management oversight
Directors Yasuo Naruke
Nobuo Hayasaka
Stacy J. Smith
Yuji Sugimoto
David Gross-Loh
Masashi Suekane
Hiroshi Suzuki
Stephen Pagliuca
Executive Officer Stacy J. Smith
Yasuo Naruke
Nobuo Hayasaka
Hideki Hanazawa
Shinichi Hashimoto
Akio Oka
Takahiro Asakura
Kyota Okishiro
Statutory Auditor Yurio Ogawa
Shunsuke Nakahama
Isao Morita
Employees Approx. 80

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